The NestWeb Sculpture

The NestWeb Sculpture

A collaboration between Jessi Sprocket Janusee and Mikaela MK Meredith. 

November 11th - December 11th 2016

Exhibition continues to Thursday, December 1st, 2016.

Come with us on a journey into the mythos of the SpiderBird and play in the largest communal Spiderbird nestweb ever created. 

This is an immersive interactive art show featuring the Red Cellar photo series and sculpture by Mikaela MK Meredith and a vast, full studio textile installation by Jessi Sprocket Janusee. 

Venture deep within the web, experience the divine feminine and the crafty brilliance of motherhood. 

Featuring Live Poetry by Ed(Word) and musical performances by Josiah knight, Funkelstank, Hopeless Jack & Shotgun Sawyer. 

"With its star-shaped beak and five-toed claws, the Spiderbird is an anomaly of the avian kingdom. It previously lived a strange life bound in solitude. Restricted to specific habitats, the Spiderbird has trouble mating, females ovulate only briefly and males do not survive copulation in order to spawn again. Lady Spiderbirds must produce many eggs to lower the mortality rate of its kind. These gelatinous eggs are highly vulnerable to predation, so she protects her sacred brood in massive, elaborate nestwebs ranging up to five feet tall and several feet wide. Thankfully, the life of the Spiderbird is looking less grim as a new phenomenon has recently been uncovered. Flocks of likeminded mother Spiderbirds are intertwining nestwebs to further insulate and cradle their clutch while trapping predators. This new adaptation showcases the deep capacities of motherhood, partnership and the intrinsic will to survive. This communal nestweb represents the first of its kind observed in captivity."

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